About Us


SpiceRaQ was born out of SPACE! Nothing to do with constellations or something beyond “The Final Frontier” but SPACE, or the lack of to be precise. For many people, big cities mean small spaces. Downward Dog in a yoga studio full with what feels like a bazillion people, fighting the sidewalk for a stepping stone amongst tourists and locals, and sometimes sharing a tiny apartment with 3 strangers who seem to always be there.


Here is what we know: Stretching is overrated, and walking is seriously bad for your health but finding the space to relax and enjoy a meal in the company of friends is air you can see.


I guess you could always go to a restaurant. Sure you could pay a small ransom for a Cobb salad, a glass of house red and a seat crammed in under the air con unit. Don’t forget to tip the waiter. Ohh and eat quickly, the next reservation is on its way.


Relaxed? No? Me Neither.


How can we find space for ourselves, friends and family, to enjoy food, drink(maybe) and time without a barbaric fight to the death?






SpiceRaQ allows you to book a space, where you can prepare a meal, enjoy the company of friends and family, and all in your own time.