Cancellation Policy

  • Guest Cancellations

A Guest may withdraw a Booking Request at any time before the Effective Time and SpiceRaQ will cancel the Booking Request. Bookings cannot be cancelled by a Guest after the Effective Time other than with the consent of the Host. In the event of such cancellation (and regardless of whether or not the Host agrees to refund the Booking Fee to the Guest in the event of such cancellation), the Guest Fee on the Booking Fee will be payable to SpiceRaQ and will not be refunded to the Guest.


  • Host Cancellations

A Host may cancel a Booking up until the commencement of the Booking. If a Host cancels a Booking after the Effective Time (a Host Cancellation), SpiceRaQ will refund the Booking Fee and the Guest Fee to the Guest for such Booking within a commercially reasonable time of the cancellation. In the event of a Host Cancellation, the Host will be liable to SpiceRaQ for the Host Fee and Guest Fee (together the Host Cancellation Charge). The Host authorizes SpiceRaQ to set off any outstanding Host Cancellation Charge owed to SpiceRaQ from the proceeds of any subsequent successful Bookings.


  • SpiceRaQ Cancellations 

In certain circumstances, SpiceRaQ may decide in its absolute discretion, that it is necessary to cancel a Booking (for example, but not in any way Incorporated to, reasons of security, criminal activity or following an event that is outside SpiceRaQ’s control). Guests and Hosts agree that SpiceRaQ will not have any liability for any such cancellation and neither Guest Fee nor Host Fee will be payable in the event of such a cancellation.