How it works

People all over the US, in big cities like New York, are constantly seeking the 2 axioms of Freedom – Time and Space. Finding the time to stand on the right side of a work life balance and the space to enjoy that time.


Being on the right side of a work life balance means doing the things that make you happy and seeing friends and family. So when faced with the choice between catching up with friends and family at an overpriced restaurant or inviting them back to your tiny apartment, what would you do?


Why not try SpiceRaQ?


We are all fed up with being crammed into busy restaurants, with the check arriving shortly after the last bite. And with the same token the thought of inviting friends back to your apartment can be a little bit depressing. Where will they sit?... and I hope Brian isn’t home.


SpiceRaQ allows you to book other people’s homes to prepare a dinner or host a small event.


So if you’re looking for a comfortable space to enjoy a meal with friends or host a small gathering - book a space with SpiceRaQ.


1. Search by location, price and amenities - what are you looking for?


2. Ask your host any questions e.g. can the space accommodate 8 people? Can I use it from 5pm to 10pm?


3. Once you're fully satisfied with the space you have found, confirm booking and make the payment.


 4. Check the listing to see what spices the host has in their SpiceRaQ so that you only need to bring the main ingredients for your meal.


5. Almost forgot one key ingredient. Don't forget to invite friends and family.


6. Enjoy a dinner out with friends without worrying about where everyone is going to sit, tipping the waitress or the next reservation waiting for your table. Enjoy this time and space.


How It Works for Hosts



7 Tips for finding Time and Space with SpiceRaQ


1. Incredible Spaces

We provide you with access to unique and creative spaces that can be found based on your needs.


2. Location, Location, Location

Find a place that is convenient for you and your friends to get to. Get to live in another neighborhood, if only for an evening.


3. Budget Friendly

We have all sorts of spaces in all sorts of homes, in different corners of the city you live in. Find a space that is the right price for you. Don’t worry about tips or corkage fee.


4. SpiceRaQ

Check to see what ingredients your host already has. Come only with the food you need and leave only with a belly full of food, drink and laughs.


5. Flexibility

Choose where you want to host your dinner or event based on your schedule and priorities.


6. Security

We handle all payments for you using a secure online payment system. Our community also leaves feedback and reviews so you know who to trust.


7. Community

If you are new to the community, it may be hard getting off the ground without any reviews. But don’t worry, we've left you room to leverage all the good reviews you've received at other sites to help you get on your feet.



Still Have Questions?

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