Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is SpiceRaQ?

SpiceRaQ is an online platform that opens up homes for dinner with friends or small events. We connect people that are searching for a space with householders that have unused space during the day.


  •  What's with the name?

The idea is that those who have booked a space to prepare a meal and enjoy dinner with friends can turn up with only the main ingredients they need. It really comes down to waste. We don't want any. Guests should be able to stop at the local grocery store on their way to the hosts space, pick up the main items for the meal and not have to buy lots of different spices that they are only going to use once.


  •  Where you guys at?

SpiceRaQ is now launched and live nationwide across the US. Next Up? Global Domination (insert evil creepy laugh)


  • What kind of spaces are available?

People’s homes! Spaces on SpiceRaQ can vary from a Condo to a Camper van. So long as there is a space to prepare food and hopefully room to relax.


  • Do I have to sign up to a monthly contract?

Not today. Not ever. SpiceRaQ is pay per play.


  • Is SpiceRaQ easy to use? How can I find a space?

Yes! Couldn't be easier. 

1. Search for a space by location. You can refine by price, dates, capacity and amenities.

2. Enquire to a few different hosts - some hosts are faster at responding than others, so if you’re making an urgent booking we recommend you enquire to around 5 spaces to find a space that fits your style and avoid disappointment.

3. Send a booking request, and if successful, pay for your space and get cooking!


  • Can I use the property for any purpose?

Guests use SpiceRaQ for all sorts of reasons be it dinner, with family, with friends, and other small gatherings. SpiceRaQ has a zero tolerance policy to illegal activities, and any activities which the host did not agree to.


  • Can the space be booked/listed for an overnight stay?

No. SpiceRaQ is a daytime rental service.


  • What hours are the spaces available?

The available hours are listed on each individual property page - but many hosts are flexible and are willing to shorten or extend the set hours if you ask.


  • How do I get in and out of the property?

This depends a lot on how you arrange it with your host in advance. Most hosts either have a key lock or arrange to let you in. Always check this with your host before the booking.


  • What privacy level will the space have?

The hope is that through SpiceRaQ, guests will be able to avail of communal space that they may not ordinarily have in their own apartment. Such as the  kitchen, living room, balcony or roof terrace. And with that, the time and privacy to enjoy it. For this reason it is expected that the guests have the property to themselves. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a meal while an eye ball peers out from the crack in a bedroom door.


  • Can I book the space for a few days every week?

Yes, many hosts are very happy to take regular bookings. Just check with the host first. They may have dinner plans of their own.


  • How can I pay for my bookings?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, aswell as Stripe and PayPal.


  • When is payment deducted from my account?

Once a host has accepted your booking, you’ll be invited to pay by debit or credit card, Stripe or Paypal and that is when payment is deducted.


  • Can I cancel a booking?

Of course, but cancellations can significantly impact the other person involved, so please keep this in mind.

A guest may cancel a booking if the host agrees to it and receive a refund for the cost of the space, however, guests will not receive a refund of the guest fee amount.


  • What is SpiceRaQ's cut?

We charge a flat fee of 10%.


  • My booking is confirmed. Where is my space located?

You’ll find all these details under "Your Bookings" tab. We’ll also pop you an email with these details once a booking has been confirmed.


  • What do I do if there is a "last minute" problem with my booking?

Communicate with your host on the first stage of the problem - you will have access to their contact details upon booking confirmation. If the issue persists, email us at and we’ll make sure it’s dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • How do I leave a review?

You will be prompted to leave a review the next time you login on the following day of your event. We'll also send you a reminder email  - just hit the special link or log in to your account to rate your experience. It shouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes to complete.

Trust is practically a currency in today’s sharing economy, so the more reviews you leave for others and they leave for you - the better for everyone.


  • Why would someone use my home to prepare a meal or host a small gathering?

There are many reasons but simply put, not everyone has the space or privacy to host friends for dinner at their own home. There is also the added convenience of being able to book a space that is easy for guests to reach and somewhere that is in the middle for everyone.

Don't forget. You have a wonderful home. Who wouldn't want to spend some time there?


  •  What kind of space can be listed?

Any! So long as there is communal space to prepare food and hopefully room to relax. If you’re out at work all day - you could list your space on SpiceRaQ and start earning some extra moolah.


  • What kind of guests can be expected?

Anyone with a tiny apartment and lots of friends, who like to cook or organise dinner parties and small events. 


  • What will the guests be using the space for?

Dinner, drinks and laughs(hopefully). Before a guest can book, they are encouraged to send some details of what they would like to use the space for. Hosts can ask as much or as little as they want to so that they are comfortable before accepting a booking.


  • How easy is it to become a host?

Too easy. All you have to do is list your space with some basic details, our team will check it out and set it live. You could start receiving enquiries from guests interested in booking your space straight away.


  • How do I upload photos of the space?

When you first create your listing you will be prompted to upload some photos. We recommend that you take at least 6 photos that show off the entirety of your space. Be sure to highlight the kitchen space and your SpiceRaQ as guests will be most interested in this. To make your listing look welcoming, clean and spacious, open up all of your curtains to let in natural light and take your photos from the corner of each space.


  • Can I stay in my home during the guest’s stay?

It is expected the host be somewhere else. We want the guests to feel as comfortable as possible, to relax and enjoy the space without an eyeball watching every play. 


  • How can guests enter and leave the property on the event date?

This depends a lot on the arrangements the host and guest have discussed in advance.

The host could let them in if they are at the property, or they could coordinate a key handover if that’s not possible, before and after the event.


  • What if the space is only available at certain times of the day or certain days of the week?

That’s completely OK. The host controls the dates that the listing is available on. This can be easily customized through the Calendar setting.

The time and length of the event can also be negotiated between the host and guest before the booking is made.


  • How do I set the price for my space?

Pricing your space appropriately will be an important part of becoming a successful host.

We encourage you to consider the value of your space (based on square footage, amenities, location, etc.) and the type of guests you wish to host.

A rule of thumb: How much would you charge for an overnight stay? Divide this value by 20 and multiply by 3, and this should give you a Base Price.

Feel free to contact us if you need some more help on setting the cost, we would be happy to help.


  • Do guests expect any miumum requirements from the space?

Only what you’ve already agreed to during the registration when you listed the space, for example, Wi-Fi access, list of available spices etc...


  • Am I covered by my existing home insurance?

Some home insurance covers SpiceRaQ activities. Every policy is different, and you should check with your insurer.


  • How can I be a great host?

Its really simple. Good communication, friendliness and an honest description of your home. Ohh and be flexible. This always helps.

The first step is to craft a fun and honest description of yourself and upload some brightly lit photos of the space so that guests have an accurate idea about the space and you too.

Be sure to also respond to booking requests, questions, and concerns as quickly and honestly as possible - and you’ll find that after a while the experience can be pretty fun and rewarding.


  • How can I be a great guest?

Even easier! Be friendly and respectful. And be sure to clean up any mess you have created. Its really a case of leave the space as you found it. And who knows if the space works, you may wish to book it again.




If we still didn't answer all your questions...

...then please do not hesitate to contact us with concerns, comments or feedback