How it works for Host

SpiceRaQ allows you to make extra money from renting out your unused space to those who wish to host a dinner or gathering and simply don’t have enough space in their own home.

There are thousands of people living in BIG cities that just don’t have the space or privacy in their own home to have friends over for dinner or a catch up.

Whether you’ve got a studio apartment or a huge house, you could list your space and start earning without having to leave town for the weekend.


Staying late at work? List your space.


Have dinner plans? List your space.


Going to a fitness class? List your space.



"...list your space and start earning without having to leave town for the weekend"


It’s really simple, make money from your space when you are not using it. Just register and list your space today:


1. Create a free listing for your space highlighting all of its wonderful features


2. You set the dates, prices, availability - and decide who might be a good fit for your space


3. Chat safely with the community to arrange a booking


4. Accept and get paid directly into your bank or PayPal account


5. You will only ever pay commission on bookings that you accept



7 Tips for Listing Your Space With SpiceRaQ


1. Introduce yourself

The more you share about who you are and what you do, the more comfortable a guest will be using your space.


2. Trust

If you are new to the community, it may be hard getting off the ground without any reviews. But don’t worry, you can add a link to your Profile, to the reviews you may have at another Peer to Peer sharing website. You don't have to start from scratch.


3. Add photos

Remove any clutter, clean the kitchen and plump the cushions. Take photos from the corner of your space with lots of natural light.


4. Suggest ways to use the space

Do you see it making a good venue for an event or a romantic dinner?


5. Local recommendations

Any convenient places nearby? List them on your Neighborhood Guide – Supermarkets, Liquor Stores, Ice cream shops etc...


6. Add a profile photo

It’s helpful to be able to put a face to a name.


7.Flexible hours

Are you open to negotiating on the hours available? Let guests know this in the description.



Still Have Questions?

Just check out our FAQ section.